About Bernadette

experienced | organised | tenacious 

Bern thrives in creative and high-energy environments. With a vibrant spirit and natural affinity for people management, she is an invaluable asset to our team at Molenaar and McNeice. Bern is a dynamic professional with an impressive career spanning 15 years in sales, events, marketing and advertising including a distinguished tenure as Executive Assistant to the CEO at Mojo, one of the most esteemed and awarded advertising agencies in Australian history.  Her passion at Molenaar and McNeice lies in cultivating effective leadership strategies and fostering an atmosphere of teamwork, collaboration and innovation. 

Bern provides comprehensive administrative support across all business departments to our senior executive team. Her flair for nurturing a vibrant office culture is exemplified through outstanding event management skills. Beyond her professional life, Bern cherises quality time spent with her husband and young family.