Could Your Childhood Home Effect Where You Buy?

I grew up in a home in a typical suburban street, in a typical brick home, similar to most that you would see throughout the Illawarra. Made of brick on a flat quarter acre block with a huge (or what I thought was huge) park behind.

The park was dotted with swings and climbing apparatuses, none of which would be allowed today. Kids would come from all over to use the very equipment that would be considered death traps by today’s standards. Each child would be within ear shot of the parents call (shriek) for dinner. The field was full of clover and small white flowers that attracted bees. We would use old mayonnaise jars to see how many we could catch at once. Yes, in hindsight that wasn’t very smart.

Those swings have long gone replaced by a few Gum trees but how did that affect my future home?

When buying real estate some people just “get a feeling” and often that feeling is linked back to a childhood memory. It could be a certain style of home, a certain looking street or in my case a park or reserve with no neighbours.

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Looking through all the homes I have lived in or purchased there is in some shape or form a reserve, field or park adjoining or overlooking the property. Without me even knowing I looked for that feature from my childhood home.

I often sell homes to people that say it reminds them of what they grew up in. The location can be very different but the emotions they get many decades on is still the same. For some it’s deep within their subconscious, and for others it’s a sole and definitive focus.

If you look at the homes you have lived in, are there common features you may not have even known?

Trever Molenaar
Trever has worked in the industry selling property for over two decades. This lifelong profession has enabled him to master the art of negotiation. Trever’s own personal values relate through to his professional life 
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