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Save Time And Money By Getting A Building And Pest Report Before You Sell

So you spend some time getting your home ready.

You paint some walls, cut the grass, fix all the leaking taps and remove the items that have been building up in the garage for years.

The home goes on the market and your inspections start. The search is on for that one buyer to pay you a great price….and finally, you find them. A young couple ready to love your home just like you did when you bought it all those years ago. They come back for a few inspections, bring their family, and even measure up if their fridge can fit.

You start looking at homes more seriously now and in-fact find one that you love and can see your future there. The buyers make an offer and subsequently negotiate over a period of time. You both agree on a price and everyone is happy. All the paperwork commences and a building and pest report is then ordered on the home.

Guess what… right down in the subfloor where you have never even seen termites have started feeding on one of your structural beams.

The buyers get worried, they don’t know if they want to take on this burden of removing them. Where else have they been? How much will they cost? It is at this point that quite likely the buyer either pulls out or significant re-negotiations take place all of which costs money and stress. The sale may not proceed… back to the drawing board.

Now your home is not fresh on the market.

Greg flood from Inspect building and pest inspections says “all of this could have been resolved if the owners had conducted a pest and building inspection prior to putting their home on the market”.

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“Unfortunately we see this all too often. Home sellers are held to ransom and asked to negotiate their price on a report they never see or on faults that could’ve been fixed.”

Greg says “I often see minor faults that cause issues that could have been fixed quite easily”.

“Usually it is up to the buyer to pay for and conduct their own independent inspection however we are seeing more and more owners take control and conduct their own to alleviate any issues but also be able to negotiate on the terms of what they know to be correct in the report.”

“No buyer ever wants to hear the word ‘termite’. If you find them prior you can remove them properly without scaring any buyers.”

“It’s the hidden things that can be the problem, ones that are minor but build up over time like a leaking shower into the subfloor”

Having your own building and pest inspection conducted by an independent inspector prior to your home going on the market can save you more time, stress, and money than you think.

Trever Molenaar
Trever has worked in the industry selling property for over two decades. This lifelong profession has enabled him to master the art of negotiation. Trever’s own personal values relate through to his professional life 
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