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Trever Molenaar x Atelier Wealth: Advice for Property Investors on Buying With Confidence

Are you an aspiring property investor?


Property investment can be an excellent way to build your wealth. Attractive benefits including long-term price growth, cashflow through rental return, asset security and tax depreciation are why many more people are investing in property. However, property investment does also have risks involved so its important to educate yourself on how to build a quality property portfolio.

Molenaar + McNeice co-founder and Chairman of the Real Estate Institute Illawarra, Trever Molenaar, was recently a guest expert on the Australian Property Investment Podcast. Trever has worked in the industry selling property in the Illawarra for over two decades. This lifelong profession has enabled him to art negotiation and develop a wealth of knowledge on buying property. The podcast is all about helping aspiring investors to make confident property choices.








In the episode Trever shares his advice on making an informed purchasing decision, his insights on current market shifts and what makes a good buyer. The conversation between guest Trever and host Aaron-Christie David is highly valuable for those looking to learn more about property investment. Aaron is the founder of Atelier Wealth and a Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) approved Mortgage Broker.

Trever Molenaar – Want to Make an Offer on a Property – This High Performing Real Estate Tells You Everything You Need to Know About Buying With Confidence. Watch the full episode below!

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Time Stamps: 

00:00 – Intro 

01:47 – Trever’s 3P’s (Personal, Professional and Property Journey)

04:30 – Dealing with Clients in a New Lifestyle 

07:45 – What Attracts Investors to a New Developing Areas 

10:03 – Families Moving to Other Places to Buy Low-Priced Property 

11:01 – Bad Buyer vs Good Buyer 

15:47 – Trever’s Insights on Current Market Shifts 

18:24 – Process in Increasing Rent 

19:04 – Message to Vendors, Buyers and Investors 

21:56 – Outro  

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