About Emre

friendly | passionate | professional 

Driven by a dedication to his clientele, Emre goes above and beyond to ensure every client's real estate journey is seamless and satisfying. Emre is genuinely passionate about turning your property goals into realities. Having grown up in the Illawarra region, he possesses a clear appreciation for the local lifestyle. His friendly demeanour and well-presented appearance make every interaction a welcoming experience. Deeply involved in the community, Emre’s commitment to customer service is unparalleled, a trait he carries over from his successful background in sales. 

Real estate runs in Emre’s blood, as his family boasts a strong background in the industry. This heritage has instilled in him an inherent understanding of the nuances of the market. Despite his youthful energy, Emre demonstrates skills and experience beyond his years. Known for his strong attention to detail and negotiation skills, Emre ensures that clients get the best possible outcomes every time. Becoming an associate agent has been a long-term goal for Emre and one in which he is very proud of.

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