About Filipp

friendly | authentic | expert  

What sets Filipp apart is not just his profound understanding of the market, but his personable nature that effortlessly bridges the gap between agent and client. Filipps approach is defined by his exceptional attention to detail and client-centric ethos. He is proud and passionate about his family, the local community and helping his clients navigate their way to a better financial position in life. 

Filipp is highly skilled in negotiating and managing the entire sales process to ensure everyone achieves the best result for their homes. From initial contact to the final handshake, Filipp’s meticulous attention to detail guarantees that no stone is left unturned. It’s not about transactions, it’s about genuinely caring for each client's journey and aspirations. He boasts a confluence of dedication, empathy and expertise that paves the way for clients to find a better way to live.

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