About Hannah

innovate | analyse | growth

Hannah is a highly motivated professional with a passion for real estate, finance and business management. Clients and colleagues alike admire Hannah’s exceptional problem-solving skills and her dedication to crafting tailored solutions for their unique needs. Hannah’s obsession with systems and increasing efficiencies within the business has earned her a reputation as a go-to resource for streamlining operations and boosting productivity. 

Hannah started in the real estate industry at the age of 21 as a part-time receptionist before quickly progressing to full-time property management where she thrived. Throughout her 8 year tenure as a property manager, Hannah discovered a particular affinity for trust accounting and finance, relishing the opportunity to optimise tenancy structures and maximise rental income for landlords. Drawing on her expertise, she started her own bookkeeping company where she now extends her services to small businesses helping them navigate their finances and streamline administrative tasks. Hannah's sharp analytical mind and profound industry knowledge are an invaluable asset to our clients at Molenaar and McNeice.