$400 Million Wollongong CBD Upgrade + The Sale of Scarborough Hotel: Media Barron’s Plans for Property Portfolio

You may have heard of Bruce Gordon, you may not have but his property portfolio and career proceed him. Born in Surry hills and coming from humble beginnings,  Bruce Gordon has spent 30 years in Hollywood TV production, owns a stake in the dragons, is the chairman of WIN news and owns some pretty prime pieces of real estate across the Illawarra. The media Barron has big plans for his property portfolio, a few sites specifically, read below to find out the $400 million Wollongong CBD Upgrade and listing of Scarborough Hotel.

Gordon’s acquisition of the Scarborough Hotel in 2015 was a significant event for the town of Scarborough.

The iconic Scarborough Hotel, located on the breathtaking coastline of the Northern Illawarra, has recently been put up for sale. This historic hotel, which has been a popular destination for tourists and locals alike for over 130 years, is expected to attract significant interest from potential buyers. 

Sitting atop the cliff and overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the heritage-listed building has been a landmark of the Illawarra region since it first opened its doors in 1887. The hotel has undergone several renovations and upgrades over the years, with the most recent refurbishment taking place in 2019. Gordon hopes to pass the site on to a new owner who will further make their mark and continue the legacy. 

Find out more about the listing here. 

Across town in the CBD, Gordon has further plans for his inner city portfolio.

Artist’s Impression of the site, BVN ARCHITECURE

The media mogul also owns a huge site in the Wollongong CBD on Crown Street, where a huge development plan has been revealed for a 30-year in the making upgrade. Since the purchase of The Grand Hotel site in 1990, Gordon has had big plans and slowly acquired multiple buildings in central Wollongong.

The $400 million project is set to span several blocks. ‘WIN Grand’ as it has been dubbed, will take shape around several of the CBD’s main veins down Crown, Keira, Burelli and Atchison streets in an attempt to create a connected city centre. One key element will be the sustainability of the project which aims to become Wollongong’s first carbon-neutral precinct.

Residential towers housing 402 apartments with views of the ocean and/or escarpment plus cafes, restaurants, bars and retail shops have been outlined as part of the projects proposal.

It includes:
1 x 39st/123m residential tower
1 x 19st/64m residential tower
1 x 17st/58m residential tower
1 x 8st/46m office tower
1 x 7st/27m mixed use (pub / live music / multiplex cinema / performance space / exhibition space / studios)
1 x Health and Wellness building (ie. gym)
1 x Lap pool building
An outdoor high-street plaza

It is also retaining and restoring the Marcus Clark building (Spotlight) and the Grand Hotel and  aiming for completion by 2025.

Despite being a chairman of WIN Corporation, Stakeholder in the Illawarra St George Dragons and Real Estate Tycoon, Gordon started from humble beginnings by juggling fruit outside his father’s fruit stall in Sydney. His journey began in the 1950s when he became a key figure in the Tivoli Circuit, a chain of theatres that dominated the Australian entertainment industry at the time. He played a pivotal role in bringing several high-profile acts to the Tivoli Circuit, including Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, and Judy Garland.

In the 1960s, Gordon made a significant career move when he joined Paramount Studios in Hollywood. His expertise in the entertainment industry made him a valuable addition to the studio, and he quickly rose through the ranks to become a key figure in the industry. Gordon’s tenure at Paramount was marked by a series of notable achievements. He was instrumental in bringing several high-profile actors to the studio, including Marlon Brando, Jack Nicholson, and Al Pacino. He also played a key role in developing the studio’s international distribution network, which helped to expand its reach and influence.

After leaving Paramount, Gordon continued to work in the entertainment industry, founding several successful media companies, including WIN Corporation.

Following an incredibly successful career, Gordon has played a role in the improvement of many businesses and properties in the region. A very overdue update to the city’s centre, is sure to bring an influx of locals and visitors to the township and we are excited to see it unfold.

You can find out more about the project here.


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