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South Coast Spaces: Greenstone Homes x The Waves

Welcome to episode 6 of South Coast Spaces! In this episode we speak with James Hancock from Greenstone Homes about their most recent project ‘The Waves’, a gorgeous art deco inspired home in Thirroul. Read on to find out more.

Greenstone Homes is renowned for their unique approach to building homes that are both functional and stylish, while designer Rachael Miklas Design + Detail has an eye for creating structures that exude beauty and elegance. Together, they have achieved a gorgeous and unique project with The Waves. 

This stunning home boasts an interesting meld of clean and curved lines, custom finishes, a smart floorplan design and a colour palette that all work together harmoniously. Harkening the golden age whilst injecting modern functionality, ‘The Waves’ accommodates for a contemporary family. Paying tribute to the 1950’s cottage of the original home, the design has retained features like the front door in order to maintain the charm. 

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The refreshing tonal choices and features like the kitchen pendant and  tiling in the bathroom offer a different take on what a modern space can look and feel like. Accents of green and pink allow for the character of the home to not be lost amongst the modernity of an updated project. Taking a bespoke approach, both Miklas and Greenstone have considered materiality in a carefully curated layout to suit the needs of the project and the clients. The end result is a home that is both functional and stylish, with a uniqueness that provides a personalised space for its occupants.

Some of our favourite details of this build include the choice of finishes in the bathroom wit a pink terrazzo tile, retro style wallpaper, brushed brass, pink tiling and matching sink – We may be biased considering the pink theme, but this kind of bold choice is one we love to see designers and owners making.

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One of the standout elements of this project is the way it seamlessly blends Art Deco elements with contemporary design. The use of clean lines and minimalist furnishings with a juxtaposing maximalist reproduction of an almost Palm Springs, Californian bathroom provides the home with architectural intrigue. Overall, this building is a true testament to the enduring appeal of Art Deco style. Greenstone Homes and Rachael Miklas have created a building that is both timeless and contemporary, paying tribute to the elegance and glamour of a bygone era while still feeling fresh and exciting. 

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