About Jessica

proactive | communication | professional 

What sets Jess apart from others is her vibrant energy and genuine passion for her work. She approaches every aspect of her role with a commitment to providing the highest level of service to her clients. With a keen eye for detail and exceptional communication skills, Jess assists clients in navigating the complexities of property transactions with ease. She is committed to building strong and lasting relationships with her clients based on trust and transparency. 

With her charismatic personality and a natural flair for connecting with others, Jess brings a unique blend of global experience to her role at Molenaar and McNeice. Before joining the real estate industry, she has worked as an air stewardess, model and actress across various corners of the world. These experiences have honed her adaptability and creativity, traits that now contribute to her innovative approach to real estate.

MolenaarxMcNeice’s vault listings are properties that have not been listed on any other real estate websites.
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