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55 Parrots Art Exhibition and Giveaway

Often the difference between a house and a home is the way we make the space our own. Art plays a huge role in how we adorn our home with our individualistic tastes. We are excited to be partnering with 55 Parrots Bulli to present an amazing exhibition which will run from 29th March – 2nd May, featuring some of the region’s most talented artists.

We would love to see you at the Opening Night on April 1st between 4pm-6pm for a great night of nibbles, art and giveaways. Our feature artists will all be giving away a custom piece for the event so be sure not to miss out on securing a gorgeous piece for your home! Read on to find out more about the event, the artists and which pieces are up for grabs in the giveaway…

Jaqueline Burgess


Born in South Africa, Jaqueline Burgess is an Australian painter. As a finalist in the Arts In The Valley in 2022 and a semi-finalist in the Doug Moran National Portrait prize in 2016 – Jaqueline moves between portrait painting, landscapes and still life paintings. With early training in South Africa in Fine Art, Jaqueline travelled to Europe to work as an Artist, Muralist and Art teacher in a private school. Jaqueline now resides on the east coast of Australia and creates works that reflect the Australian landscape. 

“Landscape painting imbues my desire to paint the beauty I see every day, especially in the coastal area where I live. I’ve always imagined that my emotional response to the landscape could be recreated on the canvas.”

With the photographs and sketches she accumulates on her coastal walks, Jaqueline has compiled a body of work inspired by the places she visits. Each work portrays a memory of an emotion linked to a certain landscape at the time. Jaqueline’s purpose is to share this encounter with the viewer.

Giveaway Piece


A4 Canvas Print Framed

‘Rise and Fall like a Crashing Wave takes us to the edge of the earth, where the land meets the sea in a beautiful dramatic way. The painting allows us to visualise the heaving of the ocean below, and the strength and raw beauty of nature colliding and existing in the same place, a powerful place.’

Alexandra Strong


Alexandra Strong is a self-taught artist from Berry on the NSW South Coast where she lives with her young family and works from a home studio. Working predominantly in acrylic on canvas in an abstract style. Alexandra moves between intuitive landscapes and abstract still life, taking inspiration from her surroundings whether it be the lush rolling hills, intricate rockpools down at Gerroa Beach or bits and pieces around her home. Colour is a consistent feature throughout her work, instilling a feeling of nostalgia and happiness as well as playing with scale and perspective.

Giveaway Piece



Andromeda Lembo


Andromeda Lembo’s background in design and architecture has informed her photographic art journey. Her love of architecture and years of appreciating built form is translated into the photographs. This is where Andromeda’s art was born.

“I would say most of my work is definitely influenced by architecture and how form inhabits space. I refer to my work as ‘Architectural Seascapes’ These works combine my love of the environment I live in and my love for composition and structure. Bringing these two extremes together creates an almost abstract surreal image, a construct of reality, often drawing the viewer right in to ask if the photograph is real.”

Moving between her SLR and iPhone, and various digital programs Andromeda draws on many years as a professional designer and architect. Digitally reworking these images to encapsulate the exhilarating moment of the creation of the image, enticing the viewer to move forward into the surreal environment with their own imagination.

Giveaway Piece



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“Standing on the beach I could feel it in the air that a storm was coming, It wasn’t until I looked over to my shoulder did I realise how close and dark and ominous the storm was. The mood was electrifying with tension and wonderment. The raw strength and beauty of the black clouds was so captivating and I knew I had to capture that moment.”


Holly Eva


Holly Eva is an Australian contemporary artist known for her freestyle expressionist abstract work and intuitive Warrior Woman paintings. Holly was born in a small country town called Camden then moved to the central coast where the beach culture became her teenage years now still on the Australian coastline but further south she works from her studio at the Bulli Timbermill.

Holly Eva pushes boundaries and tries to break all the rules of conventional art. She describes her way of painting as a beautiful dance, jumping in, stepping backwards, getting still, it all has its own rhythm.

Holly Eva’s art is on Channel 9’s The Block Shop and has been featured in My Kitchen Rules, Selling Houses Australia and inside Belle Magazine. Holly won second place in the Thirroul Seaside Festival Art Prize in 2018 and is a two-time finalist in the Mosman Art Prize Finalist (2017 & 2015).

In 2019 Holly collaborated with Taryn Brumfitt ( Australian of the year) and her design The Embrace Warrior Woman sold over 8000 scarfs, many prints and yoga mats as a fundraiser. My Giveaway at this exhibition with 55 parrots will be the Embrace Warrior Woman print.

Most of all Holly loves to serve and connect. You can see this in her paintings. Her style carries a sense of fun and freedom.

Giveaway Piece


50 x 70cm Print Framed 

About Embrace the print –

I was asked to collaborate with Taryn Brumfit as she fell in love with my Warrior Women artworks. Embrace the Warrior Woman is all about embracing the woman you are, embracing your body and loving it regardless. She is about strength, courage and also love. EMBRACE documentary was released in 2016 and it is a social impact documentary that inspires us to change the way we feel about ourselves and think about our bodies. The film continues to be relevant, relatable – and life-changing.


About 55 Parrots


55 Parrots was born from a love of travel, inspired by the unique work of artisans around the world. The respect for our craftsmen, their culture, art and the history that has been handed down from their ancestors is essential to our brand.

“We are passionate about working closely with our suppliers and their families to ensure fair trade is paid to our workers and that all designs are made to a high standard. Our collection is sourced from a range of organic materials, with a strong commitment to sustainable design and the use of reclaimed wood.”

Maxine Walker, a local to the coal coast, developed a great respect for artisan handcrafted objects through her travels. It is through this love – a carefully curated range of objects that are ethical and accessible have been created as 55 Parrots.

Maxine is an avid supporter of the arts and local artists, the wall space in the shop is offered up to four artists every month for a curated exhibition. It provides an avenue for artists to connect to new clients and a space where they can visualise artworks in an interior setting.

We look forward to seeing you on the 1st of April for the opening of the exhibition!

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