5 Home Staging Hacks Under $50 To Maximise your sales result

Home Staging isn’t merely a buzz word – Home Staging is a powerful tool to maximise your profit on your property.

You don’t have to be an avid ‘location location’ or ‘selling houses Australia’ viewer to know the value in styling your home before putting it on the market. In fact, a Coldwell survey recently found that staged homes; those expertly decorated with an aim to emotionally and visually entice buyers, tend to sell in half the time that non-staged properties do, and research also shows that professionally staged homes on average, achieve between 10-20% more than their expected sales results.

So what exactly is home staging?

Home Staging is decorating your home so that your potential buyers can mentally move in to your house.
But how do you achieve that?
The Property Styling Corp senior stylists spend their days doing just that – here are a few low budget tips for how to spruce up your property for your pre-sale campaign.

Home Staging Hack #1 – You have less than 10 seconds to make your first impression – make it count.

The entrance to your home is the immediate impression potential buyers will be faced with when inspecting your property – and within that first 10 seconds, they will make an instant decision whether or not this is the house for them! It is so important to ensure the entry to your home is spotlessly clean, clutter free, and most importantly, welcoming. For under $50 you can buy a woven jute mat that will immediately help your buyers to feel at ‘home’, or simply purchase two small potted plants to frame the entry door.
Research shows that a home with greenery and well-tended plants and gardens are more enticing to buyers, signalling that the home is loved and taken care of.

Home Staging Hack #2 – Depersonalise your home

Remember, you want your prospective buyers to be able to mentally move into your home, and they can’t do that if there are already people residing there (you, and your stuff). If your home is full of personal trinkets, photos, and memorabilia, you need to pack them away and bring out some more neutral and inviting decor. You are going to have to get brutal here – pack away at least 80% of all decor in your home, this will make your home appear bigger, cleaner, and less emotionally attached. Storage boxes are affordable, you can collect supermarket boxes for free, or purchase extra large plastic tubs with lids from your local Bunnings store.

Home Staging Hack #3 – It’s time to shine!

Nobody likes cleaning, and if you are not in the position to hire a professional cleaning company to scrub your home spotless prior to your sales campaign, you are going to have to get very busy because this is arguably one of the most important (and demanding) parts of presenting your home for sale.

Aside from the general heavy duty cleaning necessary – some important cleaning tasks to remember:

Make sure all grout in tiles or on benchtops is sprayed with bleach or other grout cleaners.
Make sure all windows and mirrors are immaculately clean – white vinegar is an affordable cleaning alternative for this task.
Ensure that all blinds are dusted and washed / wiped.
Clean all external gutters and pressure spray any hard surfaces.
If your walls are not in great condition, it will bring down the clean feel of the whole house – so get out the cloths and wash down those walls! We highly recommend the magic eraser cleaners in your local supermarket to spot clean walls.
If you want to save on professional carpet cleaning, for around $50 you can hire a carpet cleaning machine from Bunnings or your local supermarket.
Make sure your oven, appliances, cooktop and range hood are spotless. After cleaning thoroughly, apply a stainless steel cleaner to make them sparkle.

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Home Staging Hack #4: Create light and luxury – with white.

Does anything say “fresh and clean” like fluffy white linen? And you don’t need to go scouring luxury linen houses for this handy hack. Your local department or homewares store will have a selection of white fluffy towels to make your bathroom more inviting and appear clean and fresh. For under $50 you can buy a nice white plush towel with a matching hand towel to add a light and bright ambience to your bathroom.

You can take it one step further by creating spa-like displays. Roll or stack towels on the bath or vanity to create an inviting luxurious appeal. Adding a little flower, a soft (naturally) scented soap and a candle will only add to the ambience. But don’t stop at towels. If you have a shower rail and curtain – swap out the blue and yellow plastic fish or contemporary pattern for a fresh plain white shower curtain. Also, ensure that the shower rings are not plastic, spend a few extra dollars and buy some new stainless steel rings for your fresh new curtain.

Home Staging Hack #5: Breathe life into your home

With foliage, foliage, foliage! You might have noticed that Property Styling Corp love to use foliage in our professional property styling spreads – bringing the outside in creates a feeling of freshness, and is visually pleasing and calming to your potential buyers. Whether it’s cut flowers, pot plants, or cut branches from your locale, you can never go wrong adding some greenery to your house, unless of course, you use fake flowers, and our professional styling advice on that is: you should never use fake flowers!

For under $50 you should be able to green up your house effortlessly. Better yet, for $0 you can use your own garden to furnish your home in inviting greenery and blooms.

Author – Property Styling Corp

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