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Lucy + Mitch’s Renovation Journey

Renovation reality shows have become incredibly popular over the years, with audiences getting hooked from the get-go watching run-down and dilapidated properties transformed into beautiful homes inspiring others to go out and do the same, and now you can tune in to a new family taking the challenge one step further by adding two little cuties into the mix.

Introducing, Lucy + Mitch – along with their twins Florence and Dustin.

Molenaar + McNeice sold their first property – a two-bedroom apartment in Wollongong, allowing them to purchase a house in Corrimal to accommodate their growing family. With a goal of finding something they could put their mark on, they were lucky enough to find a 1960’s house with incredible character – some could say too much character given it’s “Willy Wonka” style wall-paper and carpet combos – and lots of potential.

Immediately they saw through the mismatched carpets and wallpapers and could visualise what it could be turned into. It had a warm family feeling, and some beautiful features that meant the pair could save money by just enhancing and restoring what was already there.

Cottage Grove Before


Renovation Vision

Lucy + Mitch describe their style for the renovation as a combination of modern and country, with a hint of Hampton’s. The home will include a bit of colour, alongside timber, rattan, and leather to keep it warm and inviting.

Floor Sanding

Lucy and Mitch have been incredibly busy over in their Cottage Grove home in Corrimal. I’m sure you haven’t forgotten their bright coloured carpet and wallpaper, well that is now long gone.

The pair pulled back the carpet, and as many people dream there were some beautiful hardwood floors just dreaming of being brought back to life. Lucy and Mitch used Kings Timber Floors and were very please with the level of service and the end result!

Here are photos of the floorboards just after the carpet was removed prior to sanding:

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During sanding:

And then the final result:


An issue that many home renovators have to deal with is Asbestos. Asbestos is the term used to describe a group of naturally occurring minerals. These minerals were popular in the 1940s and up until 1987 as they have a high resistance to fire which is probably the reason that Australia has been one of the highest users back in the day.

Products that can contain asbestos range from corrugated sheeting, cement pipes, insulation, floor tiles, roofing, textiles, and paint. There was a national ban on asbestos and products were phased out in the 1980s and banned at the end of 2003. The reason for this ban is because asbestos is extremely fibrous and can be inhaled.

Mitch and Lucy were aware before they moved in their home had asbestos and took the necessary steps to have it identified and removed. It is important that the work to remove asbestos is done by highly trained and qualified businesses. Lucy and Mitch used CSH Consulting (Asbestos Testing) and  P&D Envirotech (Asbestos Removal) to get the job done and again could not fault their service. They were incredibly helpful and lovely to work with.

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