Property Staging Woonona: Choosing A Real Estate Agent

As experienced designers working throughout the Wollongong and Illawarra region, we specialise in authentic Property Staging in Woonona and local surrounding suburbs.

Choosing your Real Estate Agent can be a daunting task, we often work closely with our home staging clients to provide any selling tips that we have to help relieve the pressure along the way!

Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent:

Often times we hear that our clients are considering an agent based on the fact that they know them, or they are a family friend. Chances are that all Real Estate agents present well in the meetings, and can talk you through why selling through their agency is the best decision. Before making any decisions on a sales agent it is imperative that you analayse their sales data, analyse their sales advice, and ask for some very important questions around the sales contract and marketing strategy:

Analyse Sales Data: has a great feature that lets you find top agents within your suburb and compare their sales history. On the Home Page click on “FIND AGENTS” and type in your suburb name (we have chosen “Woonona NSW 2517” for this case study), then Click “SEARCH”:

Here are the results that were provided for the Woonona NSW 2517 area search. The top agent has been ranked in the first position with the following stats (set out below.) This is the absolute first agent you would be speaking to for your area! The other two agents that came up have lower total sales, Lower sale prices, longer days on the market and much less properties sold overall:

Woonona Sales Case Study, Top Ranking Agent:

Troy McNeice, Molenaar + McNeice

28 Property Sales in Woonona

$855,000 Median Sale Price

31 Days on the market

101 total property sales

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The best part about this sales data analysis, is that it cannot be manufactured. This is real time raw data based on nothing more than sales performance! By far the quickest way to cut through all the self promotion.

Analyse Agent Sales Advice:

Another fabulous tool to use when choosing your agent is to step back and analyse the conversations you have had about getting the property on the market. Some less integral agents will tell you what you want to hear in order to get your business. This tactic is to compliment you, tell you the property is wonderful and to make it as easy and fast as possible to get the property listed. The main problem here is that they are not prepared to say what needs to be said! Some questions you may want to ask yourself when analysing your agent conversations:

  • Has the agent recommended a stylist?

98% of top real estate agents believe that styling your property to sell can help achieve a higher sales price. If your agent is not talking to you about professionally presenting your most valuable asset in its very best light, than something could be wrong here. Top agents always recommend an experienced stylist as it is a proven sales strategy to achieve a higher sales price, in a shorter amount of time.

  • Has the agent focused on the sale price?

One thing we know for sure is, that regardless of what an agent says, the property is going to sell for the price that the right buyer is prepared to pay. Top agents will give you feedback on the price guide, but they will focus more on the strategy to gain that top price. Beware of agents over quoting the sale price to win the listing, and then letting the sale flop as a result.

If you are looking for home staging Woonona, or in the local Illawarra area, we would love to chat with you! We see behind the scenes in the real estate industry too, so always happy to make a referral for a local real estate agent that is on top of their game! Get in touch

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