What Will The Future House Look Like?

Our homes have evolved over the decades due to our lives, wants and needs changing.

But what will our homes look like in the years to come?

Here’s my take on what we may see in the future

Jigsaw homes

Gone are the formal lounges and dining rooms. Homes or apartments especially those short on space usually closer to the city could be multi-purpose areas. Quite often the third or fourth bedroom are only ever used for family staying on holidays or the grandkids and split families a few days a week. Moveable walls to reconfigure the floorplans to remove these areas when not needed to add to living space

Change of kitchen purpose

Australians are spending $2.6 billion annually on food and drink delivery apps and as we eat out more and more the kitchen will evolve into more of a show piece and social space. Our kitchen as we know it may be a hub with ‘workspaces’ hidden.

Green homes

With energy prices skyrocketing and water becoming scarcer our homes will become more self-sufficient. Almost 9 million homes in already use some form of solar harvesting already. We may see more homes harvest their own energy and water. Developers will follow the trend towards sustainable housing. Apartment buildings will see more solar, green rooftops and energy efficient buildings as developers try to stand out from the crowd.

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Shared garages

With the introduction of self-drive cars in the not too distant future, over 3 million registered Uber users and space in cities a premium. The obsession we have with cars will diminish and shared car spaces might be a thing of the future

Yards shrink

It’s no secret our yards are shrinking and have been for twenty years. The future may see us having more of an outdoor entertaining space with more communal grasses areas and parklands and no ‘backyards’ as we know it.

Shaped homes

As materials and building techniques get more sophisticated the traditional square shape isn’t restrained. Inspiration will come from the environment and renewable materials more the norm. Textures and colours might get more creative

It will be interesting what our homes will evolve into. Only time will tell.

Trever Molenaar
Trever has worked in the industry selling property for over two decades. This lifelong profession has enabled him to master the art of negotiation. Trever’s own personal values relate through to his professional life 
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