What backyard trends are in right now?

As Australians, we love our outdoors right? And as proud Wollongong locals with our kilometers of coastline and escarpment, we love it just that little bit more 😁

We spend a lot of time in the outdoors and our back yards entertaining, dining, and playing so it’s important we have a back garden that suits our lifestyle.

As the quarter-acre block becomes harder to find homeowners and designers are getting more creative with their spaces. So what is hot right now in backyards that everyone can try? I spoke with Matt Lowlett at Endless Landscapes to see what he is seeing trending right now in backyards.

“I think if I narrow it down to three main items I would say:

Fire Pits

Who doesn’t love settling in with a nice glass of wine next to a crackling fire on a cold winter’s night? There is something truly mesmerising about the dancing flames and warmth of an outdoor fire pit.

Fire pits not only create a cozy atmosphere in your backyard all year-round, but they also turn what may be an otherwise unused space into an entertainer’s dream. With so many fantastic options and creative designs to choose from, it can be hard to decide which style will suit your backyard best.

One of our favourite local Illawarra artisans is IronBark Metal Design – they create beautiful bespoke fire pits and so much more. Their cantilevered pot hanging from unique recycled hardwood is sure to add a striking element to any outdoor space.

Our general tip is to position an open flame fire pit in a location that is visible from the rear of the house, but far enough away that it draws you outside into the backyard.

We recommend inbuilt and flued fireplaces in areas that are directly attached to the house to allow the smoke to escape and prevent it from getting caught in undercover areas.


Spa, hot tub, jacuzzi – no matter what you call it, installing a heated outdoor pool option for the cooler months is always a winner. Pool and spa combos not only provide a relaxing space to enjoy all year round, but they can also enhance your socialising and entertaining options during winter. Trust us, just try to keep your friends and family away after they find out you’ve got a hot tub in the backyard!

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A built-in concrete spa is completely customisable. It has all the benefits of a concrete pool with the flexibility to be created in any shape, with any amount of jets, and finished in the material and colour of your choice. The options are truly endless. A bubble line built into the floor of the pool or bench seat can add the same feel as a full-size spa while keeping the cost of construction within smaller budgets.

When designing and building your new pool, adding a spa will take this area to the next level.

Sustainable Home-Grown Fruit and Veg Gardens

“Fruit and veggie gardens provide hours of entertainment and educational value, with the added bonus of providing fresh herbs, veggies, and fruit for your family to enjoy. Whether you’re a natural green thumb or a novice, nurturing seeds and tube stock into delicious food to serve to family and friends is a very rewarding activity.”

“You would be surprised how much food just one square meter can produce – even getting creative with some small pots on a balcony can be a great way to grow thriving herbs.

For those that aren’t looking for a full-scale fruit and vegetable garden in the backyard, we recommend raised planter beds. These are raised off the ground at a suitable height for kids and those that love to garden but don’t want to spend all day in the dirt. Plus, they seamlessly blend into the garden in matched Colourbond to suit your space.

If you’re into fruiting trees, you will see bare-rooted fruit stock came into season in June. This is the most cost-effective way to purchase fruit trees. Simply pick some up at your local nursery, get them into the ground and look after them over the cooler months. You’ll then get to enjoy the fruits of your labour (literally!) in spring as the trees come to life.

The best part about growing your own fruit and veggies is that you get total control over what goes into the growing media of your food. You’ll get to enjoy your produce in its natural state, free from any harsh chemicals or pesticides.”

Back yard design has certainly changed a lot from the 50s and 60s when the Illawarra suburban house was more a blank canvas of grass to what we are seeing more today. 

A great flow from indoors to outdoors will make your yard not only more inviting but will show off your hard work and ultimately more valuable!”

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