About Mitchell

community | dedication | honesty 

With a passion for property and a heart for people, Mitchell brings a refreshing down-to-earth approach to real estate. He is described by his colleagues as a happy and funny person, and by his clients as someone they were glad they met. Mitchell is strongly community-minded and his presence in the southern Illawarra region resonates far beyond the properties he deals with. Inspired by making a positive impact on all aspects of people's lives, Mitchell embodies generosity, empathy and honesty in all of his professional endeavours. 

Whether you’re a first-time buyer, experienced investor or a growing family in need of more space, Mitchell always takes the time to listen, learn and tailor his approach to your unique needs. His fierce dedication means he will do whatever it takes to secure the best result for his clients. By cultivating an authentic connection, Mitchell transforms the client-agent dynamic into an enriching journey for all involved.

MolenaarxMcNeice’s vault listings are properties that have not been listed on any other real estate websites.
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