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Real Estate ‘Rebels’ Branch Out In Wollongong

An independent real estate business has opened the doors to its second office.

Molenaar + McNeice, a company started by Trever Molenaar and Troy McNeice in 2017, has opened its second office in Wollongong’s CBD.

According to Mr Molenaar, the move comes off the back of a high number of sales in a short period of time.

“It was an obvious move for us both, from a geographic point of view and also to be able to open up larger property management market,” Mr Molenaar said.

“We have been working on this for around a year, and whilst many are reducing their operation, we are going from strength to strength,” Mr McNeice added.

The pair have been recognised for their unconventional way of operation in the real estate industry.

Ditching the rule book out the window when it came to the “normal” way business is done in the industry, they adopted a pastel pink logo and market following social trends where people are, whilst tailored around the particular target audience.

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“It was a brave move to go with pink. No one had used such a colour palette successfully in the region, let alone an independent brand starting from scratch,” Mr McNeice said.

“Our research showed a big percentage of our clients were female and the idea was born. We tweaked the way we sell property to adjust to this market and its climate, and we have a clear road map for our agents and clients.”

The pair said they will continue to innovate and test the boundaries to improve a “typical” real estate experience.

“We have a great team, and we couldn’t be doing this without a super-efficient and caring team. Every person is handpicked to make sure the client experience is a great one,” Mr McNeice added.


Trever Molenaar
Trever has worked in the industry selling property for over two decades. This lifelong profession has enabled him to master the art of negotiation. Trever’s own personal values relate through to his professional life 
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Molenaar x McNeice
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