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PODCAST: Samantha Smith – Defining Success on Your Own Terms

Welcome back to The Pink Project! In this podcast, hosts Jordy Woolley and Josie Doyle sit down with Samantha Smith Director of Coastal Brokerage to discuss what it means to define success on your own terms. As a successful businesswoman and mortgage broker, Samantha shared her insights on what it means to pursue your own definition of success and how to overcome obstacles on that journey.

The conversation began with Samantha sharing her journey and the growth of her business over the last few years. Samantha also emphasized the need for self-awareness in defining success, identifying your  values and aligning your life with those. This process of introspection can help you set clear and achievable goals, and ensure that you’re on the right path to achieving them.

Another key point of the conversation was the idea of overcoming obstacles on the path to success. Samantha shared her own experiences of facing challenges in her business and personal life, being a young mum and starting her business with a newborn at the time. She stressed the importance of perseverance and resilience in the face of these obstacles, and the need to stay true to your own values and goals.

Throughout the podcast, Samantha also offered practical advice for listeners on how to define success on their own terms. She suggested seeking out mentors or role models who inspire you, setting clear and measurable goals, and staying focused on your own journey rather than comparing yourself to others and being content and grateful for what you have.

We hope you enjoy the episode!


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