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How to Get your Bond Back: Step by Step Tenant Guide

Moving out of a rental property can be an exciting, yet challenging time. In between co-ordinating your new move in date, cleaning and juggling life – It can all be very stressful! This step by step tenant guide is your go to on how to get your bond back.

Your rental bond is held by Rental Bonds Online during the entire tenancy to cover any damages when you vacate the property. Read on to find out how to ensure the process runs as seamless as possible.

  • Refer to your Ingoing Condition Report

This document is your new bible! The Ingoing Condition Report is a thorough report completed at the beginning of the tenancy by your Property Manager. You are provided with a copy of this report to fill out and return to our Property Management team within 7 days of your lease commencement. If you need a copy of this document, reach out to your property manager to obtain one.

Along with photos, this document has extensive notes about the condition of the property when you moved in. Refer back to this document as you clean and make minor repairs as required. When your Property Manager completes the final inspection, they will be comparing the current condition to the notes and photos on the Ingoing Condition Report – Taking into account fair wear and tear.

Whilst cleaning, ensure you return the property as clean and undamaged as outlined on your Condition Report.

  • Attend the Final Inspection

Our experienced Property Management team will provide you with the option to attend the vacate inspection. We highly recommend you attend this inspection so your Property Manager can advise on any additional items that require your attention. This may include anything from items that have been left at the property to any additional cleaning. Attending this inspection can save time in the long run and can ensure the process runs seamlessly.

  • Allow Enough Time

Too often we speak to tenants who book their removalist the day before they are due to return the keys. We recommend having at least a few days in between when you move out your belongings and when the keys are due back. Cleaning is always the most time consuming part of the process, so be sure you allow enough time!

  • Ensure Damages are Rectified

During your tenancy you may have accidentally caused some very minor damage to the property. It is expected that you attend to any damages caused prior to the return of the keys and the costs of repair is covered if you are at fault. For example; your child may have accidentally kicked a soccer ball into a window and it cracked. If the repair is deemed to require a tradesman, we will recommend some to you and this must be done by a licensed professional. For any very minor repairs, you may do these yourself – Consult your property manager to determine which course of action is appropriate.

  • Book Professional Cleaners

If you’ve ever done an end of lease clean yourself, you’ll know it can be brutal! Save yourself the stress and hassle (and potential mental breakdowns!) and organise a professional to do full vacate clean – Trust us when we say you won’t regret it. The best part of organising a professional is, if there are any spots missed or it is not up to scratch, most cleaners will have a guarantee and will come back to rectify any issues.

  • Remove all Personal Items

All items are to be removed from the property to ensure a quick return of your bond. If you have personal items remaining at the property, you will need to go back and remove them or we will need to organise their removal – This includes any rubbish!

  • Return all Keys on Time

All keys for the property, including any copies made during the tenancy are to be returned to your Property Manager on your vacate date.  You can refer to your key sheet provided at the beginning of the tenancy to ensure you have returned all the keys provided. If you do not return keys on the vacate date, you will be charged an additional day of rent every day that the keys are not returned.

  • Ensure all rent and invoices are paid up to date

When you provide our property management team with the adequate notice to vacate, we will enter this date into our system which calculates the rent due up until that date. The full amount of rent due up until your vacate will be provided to you, we recommend making payment of this as soon as possible as your Property Manager will be able to refund your bond to you as soon as your vacate inspection is finalised. If you pay for water usage charges, we will do a final water usage read at the meter following your vacate and invoice you for the usage. Once this has been paid, all rent is up to date and your Property Manager has signed off that the property has been returned per the condition it was given to you, your bond will be released!

If you need assistance with vacating your rental property, don’t hesitate to give your property manager a call – That’s what we are here for.

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