5 Moves for Tenants Before Unpacking

Congrats on scoring those sweet new digs! Moving into a rental property is an exciting adventure, but before you unleash your inner interior designer, there are a few key moves every savvy tenant needs to make. Think of it as your rental property checklist for tenants – a guide to ensure a smooth transition, protect yourself from unexpected issues, and set the stage for a harmonious tenancy.

1. The Ingoing Condition Report: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

It might sound like a drag, but trust us, the first step in your rental property checklist should always start with the Ingoing Condition Report! Here’s the game plan:

  • Channel Your Inner Sherlock: Grab your phone or camera and document everything. Scratches on the walls, stains on the carpet, chipped tiles – nothing escapes your lens.
  • The Power of the Pen: Note any existing damage on the Ingoing Condition Report – Ensure you attach your photos as evidence.
  • The Double Check: Go over the inventory list (if there is one) with a fine-tooth comb, ensuring everything matches up with what’s actually in the property.

This step isn’t about nitpicking; it’s about making sure the condition of the property is thoroughly documented in order to save disputes later on.

2. Utilities 101: Let There Be Light (And Water, And Internet…)

Nobody wants to move into a dark and disconnected apartment. Take charge of these essentials:

  • Contact Providers: Reach out to utility companies (electricity, gas, water, internet) well before your move-in date to set up accounts or transfer existing ones.
  • Meter Readings: On move-in day, snap photos of the meter readings for all utilities. This ensures you’re not billed for the previous tenant’s usage.

3. The Insurance Safety Net: Accidents Happen

A commonly missed step in the rental property checklist for tenants is obtaining contents insurance. Even the most careful tenants can have mishaps and accidents do happen. That’s where renter’s insurance swoops in to save the day:

  • Get Covered: Renter’s insurance is surprisingly affordable and covers your belongings in case of theft, fire, or other disasters.
  • Peace of Mind: It can also provide liability coverage if someone is injured in your rental.

In worst case scenarios, we have seen tenants lose valuable items as a result of flooding and other accidents which could have been covered!

4. Communication is Key: Build a relationship with your Property Management team

A positive relationship with your Property Management team can make all the difference. Here’s how to cultivate good vibes:

  • Be Proactive: If you notice a leaky faucet or a wonky light fixture, let your them know promptly.
  • Follow the Rules: Familiarise yourself with the lease agreement and abide by its terms – it’s the roadmap to a harmonious tenancy. Check out this link for the details of a generic lease agreement, but you should always refer to your specific agreement.
  • Open Door Policy: Maintain open communication. If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Remember, Property Managers want to be your ally and maintain a great relationship.

5. Home Sweet Home: Time to decorate!

It’s time to inject your personality into your new abode! But before you start hanging artwork or painting walls, check your lease agreement for any restrictions. This is the best part of our rental property checklist for tenants!

  • Get Creative: Even with limitations, there are plenty of ways to make your rental feel like home. Use fun furniture and décor to express your style.
  • Green Thumb?: Bring in some plants to liven up the space and purify the air.
  • Respect the Rules: Always ask permission before making any modifications to the property.

By following this rental property checklist for tenants, you’ll not only protect yourself but also lay the groundwork for a fantastic rental experience. Now go forth, unpack those boxes, and enjoy!

Jordy Woolley
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