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Not satisfied with good. We want and expect better for your property. When it comes to selling your property, we know that choosing an agent is a big decision because it is about more than just selling four walls and a roof. It is about finding the right person who will be with you throughout the whole journey, making the process as smooth as possible, and delivering exceptional results.

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Why advertise

Our marketing campaigns are customised, cost-effective and professionally produced to ensure your property looks its best, stands out and makes an impact. A relatively small outlay for marketing can deliver a price increase of 10 times this cost, making it a highly beneficial, recommended investment.

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Award Winning Social / Digital Marketing

We are known for our digital expertise, and this is how we get the cut-through that delivers the best result.

We have the ability to search for buyers locally, internationally and nationally using our tailored strategies and don’t just upload the home to a real estate portal and wait. We use laser focused targeting coupled with buyer profiling and then ongoing monitoring of the analytics to optimise the campaign.

Artificial intelligence is also utilised to find both active and passive potential buyers suited specifically to your property. Combine this with pixel technology to enable sequenced messaging, remarketing, quality photography and videography and you have the recipe for a top performing digital campaign.

Our properties are more visible across more platforms than any other agency. This along with our powerful negotiating capabilities and commitment to your dreams mean we create a competitive environment to sell your home and deliver the best result.

Maximise Results and Minimise Stress

We understand that the days of buyers looking in windows and a network of offices are gone as the digital age is upon us. To maximise your sale price we utilise a vast selection of digital and print marketing tools that provide the best exposure for your property.

Our goal is to guide you through the sales process as smoothly and efficiently as possible, whilst delivering the best result. If you have questions, we encourage you to ask us so that you feel comfortable and relaxed with each step and know that you have a team of experts to support you along the way.

Down-To-Earth People and Real Advice

We pride ourselves on developing long and prosperous relationships with clients, based on honesty, trust and genuine collaboration.

Our smart, innovative and collaborative approach, ensures you’re getting the most apt and accurate advice – along with outstanding results.

Molenaar + McNeice’s approach is unique, we know that all properties are different and all owners have different goals so we don’t apply a one-size fits all approach. We’ve also never believed in following the herd and always strive to make your property stand out in the market and attract the right buyers.


As innovators at the forefront of the industry we have helped pioneer the way the Illawarra sells property.

Our commitment to digital innovation means our clients’ properties are more visible across more platforms than any other agency.

Artificial intelligence in buyer matching

Data is king. It allows us to know more about our buyers than ever before and who will be suited to your home. It’s no secret that innovation has allowed us to sell more real estate than most other agencies. We use a combination of artificial intelligence good old fashion salesmanship to market your home with the people most likely to fall in love with it.

Going green

Committing to our greener policy, we utilise digital brochures that are automatically sent via text messages to every buyer at an inspection. Not only is it more convenient for the buyer to look back on but this eliminates the wastage of tonnes of paper every year. Of what paper we do use, the majority is recycled stock.


Our locations were specifically chosen for high exposure and designed to be welcoming for the client. More like your lounge room as opposed to a stuffy corporate office, and with easy parking. Both locations cater for different clients with our northern suburbs office (55,000 foot traffic each week) capturing Sydney buyers and affluent property hunters with our central office (155,000 cars passing daily) serving the CBD and surrounds. Both working together for maximum exposure of our properties we proudly represent.

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