5 Cheap Ways To Update Your Home Before Selling

We get asked a lot on the cheapest ways to update your home before selling.

So, after chatting to everyone in the office we’ve compiled our top 5 cheapest ways to get your property ready for spring.

1. De-clutter

No surprises here, de-cluttering is the cheapest way to make your home look picture perfect in the eyes of potential new buyers. And it can be done so easily! As homeowners we see our home differently, through familiarity. Have an independent person look at your home (even better, a home stylist) to point out what needs to be removed.

Big furniture makes rooms feel smaller. Think, what really needs to be in this room? If you cannot part with certain items then you can hire a short term storage facility if necessary. But if you want to save wherever you can just move everything into the garage as these are generally the same size for all homes so it doesn’t matter so much if they are filled with items. Living areas and bedrooms differ in size and they are what really need to feel spacious to potential new owners.

2. Paint

First impressions count, whether it is the initial street appeal or as soon as the front door is opened a fresh lick of paint can add thousands. Externally it will freshen up the facade, making your home stand out on the street more. If you are time poor then you can hire a professional painter, but with a little time, patience, a few hundred dollars, and some YouTube tutorial videos you can add thousands in extra profit.

3. Gardens

Photo by Anna Guerrero from Pexels

A garden can either add value or detract value from your home. Simple and cheap options like re-mulching the garden beds will give you the best ‘bang for your buck’. If your home cannot be seen from the road or is dark then this can put buyers off, so prune back overhanging trees, remove weeds, and fix the gate or mailbox if it’s looking a bit worse for wear. A great tip is to take a photo of your house from the street, this is what buyers will see first, does it look appealing?

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4. Hire a Handyman

All the details add up, if a potential buyer steps into your house and can immediately see 10 small jobs that they’ll have to do it may raise red flags. If you’ve got a laundry list of little jobs around the house that you just haven’t had time to fix, hire a local handyman and get them to spend a day getting it all done. Chances are they’ll have the products/tools so you wont be any more out of pocket than if you’d done it yourself, and the small fixes could add more to your sale price.

5. Clean

Obviously we all do this, but before you have your home professionally photographed and potential buyers walking through your home do your best to make every surface shiny-clean. If you don’t have the time yourself, there are plenty of cleaning businesses out there that are happy to help and are professionals at getting the job done. We regularly see the impact that exceptionally clean houses, and also the damage that unclean houses can have on first impressions.

Get in touch

Every home is different, and there are varying degrees to how much work you put into something you are trying to move on from so please get in touch if you would discuss your property and what is worth doing before you go investing time and money.

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