Some of the most frequently searched real estate questions, answered quickly

How do I choose an agent?

It is always good to get along with the person representing your sale however, there are many more factors that should be looked at like:

Their track record and what they have sold

Who is most active

Their reputation

Their marketing reach

What strategy would they employ to get your property sold?

Go along to opens, enquire on properties and see how you are treated as a potential buyer

How they handle the auction floor

How they handle buyers. Unfortunately, many home owners get stuck in the trap of choosing the agency telling them the highest price with lowest fees. This usually leads to disappointment

Questions to ask potential real estate agents when selecting

How do you negotiate?

What have you sold that is similar?

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What strategies would you employ to maximise our value?

What marketing would maximise our value?

What is your list price to sales price value?

What homes have you been unable to sell locally and why?

How much do agents charge?

This changes in every area and every market due to the turnover in the area and the time taken on average to sell properties. In most cases the fee charged is a percentage of the sale price usually between 1% and 3% depending on the above. The alternative is a flat fee based on what both parties believe the home would sell for.

How much does it cost to sell a house?

In most cases there are two financial components in the sale of a property.

  1. The commission or fee and
  2. Marketing

The commission is the fee for service applied for the transaction handled by the agency. The marketing is either incorporated into the commission or separated (and paid to companies ie; newspapers) to give control over what is used and how. As owners get more astute and competition for buyers becomes harder most owners select separate marketing strategies.

How do I sell a property fast?

Many good agents are dealing with buyers who are ‘hot’ and ready to buy now. These buyers are waiting for the right home to come up for sale. There is a fine balance between selling a property fast and deciding on the best price.

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