Who Is Responsible For A Building Inspection?

Firstly, what are building and pest inspections and why are they necessary?

Building and pest inspections are in simple terms a report conducted on a property to inform the client what defects the property has and if the property is compromised by pests (termites in particular). Most reports go into detail from minor faults like cracked tiles to major faults needing urgent attention like termite infestation.

A building and pest inspection is necessary to find out that what you are buying is in the condition you expect and any faults are recognised prior to exchanging contracts.

Any report should be conducted by a licensed inspector and a written report should be obtained. It’s important to know that most homes new and old have defects. Get advice from the inspector what is of concern and what is normal of a property of that age.

So, who is responsible to conduct the report?

It’s not law that a report must be obtained so it’s up to the buyer to decide if they want one. Remember buyers beware. Who wants to buy a home and find out a week after that it’s falling down?

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So, we have established that it’s the buyer’s responsibility to conduct a report so why would we advise sellers to take the responsibility for this?

In short it is a very intelligent insurance policy on your home. Chances are if you have read this far you are either a seller or intelligent (both we hope). We find an owner who conducts an independent report.

  • Finds out any potential issues with the home prior to sale which gives time to be fixed
  • Buyers cannot use their report to negotiate the agreed price down
  • Buyers feel more comfortable bidding at auction without having to pay for their own report and no guarantee of getting the home
  • Buyers feel confident making an offer
  • Speeds up the buying process without having to wait for reports to be conducted

The last thing any vendor wants is to finally find a buyer, negotiate and agree on a price to then find that there is an issue that compromises the whole sale.

So, if you are selling our tip would be to consider your own independent pest and building inspection. If you don’t know where to start, ask us.

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